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A Few Words About Us

Mission Statement

Asalamualaikum (may peace be upon you). Welcome to the official page of SGU MSA! Allah¬-willing, SGU MSA’s purpose is to serve the Islamic community of SGU by providing functions and services to further Muslim life on and off campus. This includes, but is not limited to: spiritual and worship services, social networking, and academic support, within the arrangements of the SGU Honor Code, and the SGU MSA Constitution.

Some of our services
  • Halaqas
  • Social Events
  • Brothers' and Sisters' Sports
  • Daily prayers
  • Weekly Jummah prayers
  • Ramadan Services

Past Khutbahs

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Khutbah 1

  • 04/06/2023

Khutbah description


Khutbah 2

  • 04/06/2023

Khutbah description

Prayer Times

  • Jumuah12:15 pm12:15 pm